MoTeC Finland

MoTeC Finland is the official distributor of MoTeC product and a part of the global MoTeC network. MoTeC Finland is formed by two companies: AJL-Engineering Oy and M-Data Oy. This collaboration enables a wider product support for MoTeC products.

AJL-Engineering Oy

AJL-Engineering Oy specialises in racing car and engine control, data logging and tuning as well as in the related research and development. We sell and install the internationally recognised, high-quality and functional MoTeC products and distribute them in Finland in collaboration with M-Data Oy. MoTeC’s product support is an essential part of our business operations: it ensures a successful end result. An extensive network of MoTeC distributors and professionals in Finland and abroad guarantees the functionality of your product. We also organise hardware and software training so that you, as our customer, will receive the best possible benefit of your purchase. When agreed, our tuning and hardware support is also available at testing and race events.

Arto Lehtonen

Arto Lehtonen

CEO, Engine Tuning & Data Support


+358 400 645 183

Arto has been working in the professional motor sports field since 1995. Over the years, he has gained experience both from national and world series. Arto has worked both with private drivers and factory teams. His work focuses on tuning and analysing race engines, collecting data and utilising it in driver education and driving training. His work and experience at teaching, research and development at the motor lab of Oulu University of Applied Sciences complements the work he does with rally cars. 


Matias Korva

Design & Race Engineer


+358 44 236 9030


Mikko Malila

Harness Technician & Technical Support


+358 400 611 696


Aleksi Lehtonen

Harness Technician & Website

M-Data Oy

M-Data Oy specialises in designing and manufacturing wiring harnesses for racing cars and motorcycles. The design work is based on years of experience and top-quality: only the best available materials and methods are used. The manufacturing of wiring harnesses is at the top of its field in Finland and abroad. The company focuses on designing data logging systems for cars, selecting components and the operational strategies of engine control units and data logging. M-Data offers high-quality, professional race and test engineering services.

M-Data Oy has worked with MoTeC’s products since 1991. He has gained experience in Finland and abroad, for instance, from World Rally Series, Dakar, World Superbike series, British Superbike series and Cross Country Championships. Mika has also worked with MoTeC Europe in England. His work as a product support engineer has given him advanced knowledge and experience of the operation and possibilities of MoTeC’s products. This experience he can now use directly with the customers of MoTeC Finland. The global network formed over the years guarantees a professional end result. 

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    AJL-Engineering Oy

    Arto Lehtonen
    Oravanreitti 1
    90540 OULU, FINLAND
    +358 400 645 183


    Mika Suominen
    Tattitie 6
    24280 SALO, FINLAND
    +358 40 5466 020


    MoTeC Finland is the official distributor and retailer of MoTeC products in Finland.