Data logging devices and displays

The significance of high quality displays and data logging systems has grown as the vehicle systems have expanded. Displays and data logging systems help monitor the operation of vehicle systems and produce real-time or saved information.

Vehicles have dozens, even hundreds of pieces of sensor data and operations to be monitored. Without any monitoring systems, this would be difficult. MoTeC displays can be programmed with real-time data, which can also be saved for later analysis. Also alert and guidance data can be displayed in real time. For example, if the desired temperature limit is exceeded, the display shows the data that exceeded the limit and its value.

With the data and output of the displays and data logging devices it is also possible to control operations. MoTeC displays and data logging devices include product models, which can be used for calculating the measured values in real time. The results can be also be used for many required control operations.

The data transfer between engine control units, power distribution modules, displays and data logging devices is done with data bus systems, the most common of which is CAN. There can be hundreds of saved values, even a thousand. For data analysis, MoTeC has developed an extensive and versatile i2 data analysis software. The i2 software can be used to visualise and combine, for example, time synchronised video footage with the measured data.

Data analysis is one significant and forward-looking way of developing and monitoring operations. Therefore, MoTeC data logging and analysis system is utilised in many research vehicles and driver educations.

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