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When desired, MoTeC products are sold as a total service. The total service package includes the hardware, design, sizing, installation, programming, implementation, user training and product support, which ensures the functionality of the product. Our global network and direct collaboration with the manufacturer guarantees success even in the most difficult applications.

Traditionally, MoTeC has provided state-of-the-art products for motor sports. Thanks to the functionality of the products, it has been possible to expand their application and use. In addition to motor sports, MoTeC  products are used in controlling power plants, machinery and transport equipment. Because MoTeC hardware is freely programmable, the application areas are limitless. A testament to the quality and durability of the products is that they have been approved for military use, which requires high quality in extreme conditions.

Contact us and let’s find out a suitable application for your needs.

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Transport and vehicle projects

MoTeC systems enable controlling and monitoring machinery and vehicles during driving. The systems can be used to implement tailored control and monitoring systems to gather and utilise measured data in optimising operations. The most common measured data are driving patterns, fuel consumption, monitoring conditions for special or cold deliveries as well as weight measurements.

In research projects on the vehicles of higher education institutions, research facilities and companies, MoTeC systems are used for implementing several measurement and analysis tasks.

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Industrial projects, research and academy use

In research and educational institutions, MoTeC products have been applied, for example, for testing drivers’ driving abilities, measuring the structural strength of trucks, data logging and automatisation at motor labs and data logging from a vehicle dynamometer. All MoTeC products include a software licence, which allows students and staff to freely use the software. For research and educational institutions this is a huge benefit, because the students can, for example, install a piece of analysis software for data logging on their home computers. The same software can be used in classes without any additional licence costs (excluding some special software).

In industry, MoTeC controls can be used not only to control engines, but also other required processes or their combinations as well to collect run time data for run time monitoring.

You can download the software from MoTeC’s web site.

An example of the industry field is VOLTER CHP (Combined Heat and Power), an engine control system of a wood gas power plant. MoTeC engine control unit has been used to implement the controls of a wood gas engine as early as from the product development phase to the engine controls of the current production plants. Volter’s CHP wood gas power plant is a modern power plant based on renewable energy, which produces heat and electrical power from wood chips even for the self-sufficiency needs of entire housing settlements.

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Installation services

We can install your MoTeC products. This ensures the optimal functionality of the product. Installation can be agreed upon case by case. We can tailor the installation to best suit your needs: from a smaller to a total installation package.

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Tuning and programming engine controls

MoTeC has a wide collaboration network in Finland and abroad. Our partners also provide tuning and programming services. MoTeC Finland offers these services directly. If you need, we also provide you with contact details for appropriate partners that suit your needs.

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Data logging and hardware training

AJL-Engineering organises training on data logging, analysis and engine control for groups and individuals. We can tailor the training according to your needs. The training is a part of our product support: we want our customers to be able to utilise our high-quality products in full.

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Race and test engineering services

MoTeC Finland has long and strong experience in providing race and test engineering services on the World Series level, national series and car manufacturer’s product development. The services are used in building a data logging system and analysing the data. The produced data can be utilised, for example, in the development work of the car, driver education and driving training.

Analysing data together with a professional race engineer, you can clearly boost the use of your car and learn to find areas for development in your car and driving performance.

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