Semi-finished and finished wiring harnesses

We specialise in manufacturing top class wiring harnesses for demanding hobby and professional use. The manufacturing also includes designing the wiring harness. Corresponding methods and materials are used, for example, in manufacturing wiring harnesses for the Formula 1 series. The weakest link of the engine control and data logging units define the overall level. Therefore, when manufacturing a top class car, special attention should be paid in designing and manufacturing the wiring harnesses.

Benefits of a custom wiring harness kit:


  • Disturbance-free operation of the motor and related parts
  • Significant weight saving compared to default wiring harnesses (up to 20 kg)
  • Improved mechanical durability
  • Can withstand higher temperatures
  • Connections are more secure

MoTeC products pictured with loom photos does not include in the loom price.


In order to guarantee excellent quality, AJL-Engineering uses professional equipment to manufacture wiring harnesses. The precision required by AJL’s wiring harnesses and the repeatability of stages requires using high-quality equipment.

In a single wiring harness, the number of pins in a coupler can vary from a couple of dozen even to hundreds. The pressure of each pin must be perfect. An insufficiently pressured pin can come loose. If the pressure is too strong, both the pin and the cord may break. This is why the right amount of pressure and firmness are necessary.


We use the following pieces of equipment:


A pneumatic crimp tool for Deutsch Autosport pins

Komax Kappa 310 PK

A cut and strip tool for different types of cables

Komax Mira 230

A cut and strip tool for different types of cables

Mecal P107 BT

A crimping press for many different types of pins.

Press tools available for Deutsch DTM and DT pins as well as for Tyco Superseal 1.0 pins.

Phoenix Contact Thermomark Roll

A thermal transfer printer

Contact information

AJL-Engineering Oy

Arto Lehtonen
Oravanreitti 1
+358 400 645 183


Mika Suominen
Tattitie 6
+358 40 5466 020


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